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Trash & Snow Removal

Trash & Snow Removal

Trash Removal Details

Collection Schedule

Trash: Tuesdays and Fridays
Recycles: Fridays
Yard Debris: Fridays 
Bulk/Large Items: Schedule pickup
No trash removal on: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

Please place all trash cans in the street – this will assist them in being able to collect the trash.
More information: 
American Disposal Services
Phone: Local: (703) 368-0500
Toll Free: (866) 884-8700
Note: TRASH CANS MUST BE STORED OUT OF VIEW - not in driveways or in the front of homes. 
Possible Alternatives (view approved trash can alternatives)
Several owners have raised concerns over size of trash cans prohibiting the storage inside of the garage when car must also be parked in the garage. To address this concern, the board has approved the use of alternative these trash cans in the community. 

Snow Removal

The association board will monitor and work with the snow contractor to best prepare the association to efficiently remove the snow to ensure the safety of the residents.

In case of snow at large it is important to understand that plowing and shoveling will be done in stages. Throughout the storm the snow contractor will plow a main drive lane throughout the community to ensure that the roads remain passible in case that people need to enter or exit the community and emergency services can safely get in and out.
Anytime as the snow storm ends, the contractor will being the cleanup process and clear more snow from the driving lanes as possible. They will also push snow from parking spaces if there is sufficient room between the cars. During snow day's, the board will continue to monitor the storm and call the contractor to address issues, such as icy spots or whether it is necessary to bring in heavy equipment to move snow, as they develop.
As residents it is important for you to work with the association to ensure that everyone remains safe and clean up goes easy:

  1. Owners/residents are responsible for shoveling sidewalks and lead walks adjacent to their lots. The snow contractor will shovel sidewalks that are not in front of homes. Please help to make the sidewalk in front of your home passible to prevent residents from walking in the streets.
  2. When removing snow from the sidewalks, driveways and parking spaces, please dump snow into grassy areas and not the streets. Pushing snow into the street may create large piles that are difficult for the plow to address and make it more difficult for owners to maneuver around.
  3. If possible remove snow from around fire hydrants, storm drains and mailbox areas.
  4. If possible park your vehicles in your garage and drive way. The more cars away from the streets and parking spaces the easier it will be for the plow trucks.
  5. The plow trucks will not be able to lift the plow at each driveway; this will result in some snow being piled at the end of your driveway as the roads are cleared. We apologize for the inconvenience that this will cause owners as they dig out, please does not pile snow in the street at the end of your driveway, this will create a bigger problem.
  6. Please stay safe and warm!
Common Area Parking Spaces during snow – The contractor will be in the community to remove snow from common area spaces – provided that they can safely access the spaces. This means any vehicles parked in these spaces will need to be moved. Spaces where cars remain will not be cleared. Also spaces with cars on both sides may not be cleared if they cannot remove the snow without damaging the vehicles.