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Owner Responsibilities

Owners of their responsibility to maintain their property in accordance with the association’s guidelines.

Home Care

Section 7.2 (a) of the Declaration for Autumn Oaks requires all owners to keep their lots in good order, condition and repair and a clean and sanitary condition including all grounds maintenance and snow removal.

This means owners MUST mow their grass and remove weeds from flower beds as well as filling in bare spots in grass and replacing dead plant material. This work must be done in the front, rear, and side yards of lots.

Owners that do not maintain their lots negatively affect the curb appeal and home values of the community. Failure to maintain lots will results in a hearing in front of the board and the imposition of violation charges. Additionally, the association has the authority under Section 7.2(a) and 6.2(c) of the Declaration to contract to have a violation on an owner’s lot corrected and bill back the owner for all expenses incurred by the association.

To avoid additional charges or assessments, please maintain your yards in accordance with the Governing Documents.

Owners are also asked to be considerate of other when they use common area. Owners are asked to ensure that they pick up any litter, including cigarette butts that may be left after their use of common area. Also trash must be secured in a trash can and only put out at the designated times to prevent litter from blowing throughout the community.

Lastly, please remember that residents are responsible for replacing light bulbs that are not functioning in the light located in each front yard.

Your attention to these matters is appreciated to make the association a great community to live in.

If you have any questions about these rules, please contact us.